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Why Choose International Translations?

24 Hr Turnaround
Time Possible

Should time be of the essence, we have the resources available to provide a 24 hr turnaround time. Without sacrificing the quality of your work and meeting all of your requirements.

Certificate of

We pride ourselves in delivering consistent quality work on time. That's why we always provide a certificate of accuracy so you can confidently order our translations services.

Translations Made For
Official Court Conditions

We ensure all of our translations can be used in official court conditions. Whether that's understanding the case, evidence and all possible outcomes.

Corinne Smith - Managing Director

Do You Have Specific Requirements?

“Do you have a specific requirement not mentioned on this page? Whether you’re looking to get bulk case work translated fast, or case work translated into multiple languages, or even if your requirement seems complicated. Then click the chat button and we’ll walk through it together”

Here's How We Work:

Choose Your Service

We always use professional translators for 100% accuracy of your translations. Simply state which language you'd like to translate from and to. If you require your documents to be translated into many different translations use our 'Chat Online' button to discuss your requirements in person.

Upload Your Content

Upload or email us your content which you wish to be translated. We will then verify that this is all of your documents to ensure your project is completed correctly and on time.

Specific Requirements

Should you have specific requirements, we will be on hand to discuss this with you. No requirement is too big, small, or complicated for us to handle. Be assured we will fully scope your project to ensure you're 100% happy with the outcome.

Delivery of Translation

We will deliver your project either before or on your projects deadline date. As always we provide a certificate of accuracy with all of our work so you can entrust your translation will meet your requirements.


Most frequent questions and answers

All of our translations are made for official court conditions. We understand how important it is for you to have 100% correct translations. This is why we employ multiple quality checks before sending your translation back to you. 

We can translate any of the major languages. We also have direct connections to translators for the many thousands of additional languages found around our planet.

Yes you can, click the ‘chat online’ button and i’m happy to offer your personal guidance for your specific requirements.

We have the resources available to translate your documents within a 24 hr turnaround should you require this. Of course, this comes with a higher fee as multiple people will be working on your project.

If your translation doesn’t require immediate attention, then your project will be priced at a more affordable cost.