What We Do

First impressions count. If you’re looking to do business in a new country, then it’s vital that your translated materials (be it a website, brochure or other piece of content) are accurate, professional and delivered when you need them.

Confidentiality is key to how we operate and we maintain a strict confidentiality policy on all projects we work on, so you can be safe in the knowledge that working with us is risk-free. We offer very competitive prices for all of our services.

However we do not compromise on the quality of the work or the deadline for completion. Prices for each project vary depending on the language requiring translation/interpreting, and the project itself.

Whatever service you need, the in-house project personnel at International Translations Ltd will work with you on your project right from the initial quotation stage to the end of the process.

With 34 years’ experience, International Translations limited has undertaken projects in virtually every sector. Regardless of what industry you work in, you need to know that when you get something translated your message is correctly understood by your target audience and that all jargon and technical lexicon is understood.

This is why we use linguists who are specialists in your field and who only translate into their native language. We work in the below sectors most frequently. If your sector is not listed below please contact us for more information on how we can help you.

International Translations Limited is a longstanding member of the Association of Translation Companies; A professional group that represents the interests of translation companies all over the world. Membership of the ATC is for very selected companies and are carefully vetted before being allowed to join.

As members, it is a requirement to adhere to a strict code of professional conduct, have full professional indemnity insurance in order to protect both the customer and the company and we must adhere to the decisions of the professional ethics committee.

When you choose International Translations Ltd you can be assured that you’ll receive translations that understand and take into account the nuances and complexities of your industry.

Sectors We Work With

The Financial Sector

The Legal Sector

The Medical Sector

The Technical Sector

Services We Offer

Language Translation

Our extensive network of professional linguists can translate any project, no matter how large or small, into more than 120 languages – and we will always allocate work to the translator who has expertise in your subject area and therefore best suited to your individual project.

All of our translators translate only into their mother tongue meaning that your projects are culturally and linguistically accurate. We have a strict vetting procedure to ensure that all of our translators are competent and reliable and will only produce the highest quality translations and meet your expected deadline.

Language Interpreting

ITL also provides simultaneous, consecutive and Ad hoc interpreting services via our network of interpreters throughout the UK and Europe.

All of our interpreters are qualified to a high professional level and are members of the Institute of Translation and Interpreting, or the Chartered Institute of Linguists. For public service interpreting, we prefer to use interpreters on the National Register for Public Service as they are required to operate under the NRPSI code of conduct.

We make sure we find the best suited interpreters who are also closest to the appointed venue as this reduces travel expenses and increases the likelihood of a repeat booking using the same person should this be required.

Website Translation & Localisation

In a 2014 consumer behaviour study by the Common Sense Advisory, it was found that 75% of people prefer product or service information in their own language before they will make any purchases and according to the 2011 Galup survey, 90% of internet users in the EU say they would choose to view a website in their native language. Only 53% would visit the website if only English was available.

Getting your website translated and localised means that you can reach global audiences, increase the chances of more consumers buying your product or service and maximise your audience reach, and if these statistics are anything to go by this should definitely be considered.

Project Management

Regardless of what service you require from us, ITL will assign you with your own project manager who will see your project right through from the quote process to completion. This means that you will always have a main point of contact who knows all of the specifics about your assignment and who will be on hand to help with any queries you might have.

Language Classes for Business

Our language classes for business aim to equip you with the vocabulary and knowledge you need to communicate effectively with clients, colleagues, suppliers and partners all over the globe.

Pair this with industry-specific vocabulary and you’ll be able to present and pitch at meetings, negotiate those important business deals and confidently create reports for your worldwide partners at a technical level.