Our financial and insurance translation services are carried out by highly qualified, professional translators who are both mother tongue translators and specialise in banking and finance because with financial translation, it is essential that all industry-specific terminology is translated accurately and consistently.

The insurance industry needs to be so customer focused and many companies operate on a global scale so it is vital that all documentation is properly understood by those in their home language and a high-quality translation is carried out and then proofread to avoid any potential blunders.

As well as the actual insurance documents, there are also the legal translations that need to be undertaken for particular agreements which we also have significant experience in translating. A sample of areas undertaken by International Translations Limited includes (but is not limited to) contracts, financial agreements, financial statements, shareholder communications, financial marketing, auditing, business administration, risk management, press releases, case studies, tenders, annual reports, credit agreements, reinsurance treaties, insurance claims and average adjusters’ reports.