When running a Business, marketing is absolutely vital. Whatever form this takes, whether it be blogs, newsletters, social media or other marketing materials, keeping your clients in the loop about who you are and what services you are offering is paramount. Successful marketing will make sure your company is the first port of call for any potential clients looking for services that you provide. The English language no longer has a monopoly over the web, so businesses producing content solely in English are missing out on a huge foreign market. Studies show that 9 out of 10 Internet users in the EU preferred to browse sites in their native languages.

It is so important for businesses to build good relations with their customers, but businesses are inconveniencing and alienating their clientele by forcing them to read their content in a language that is not their own. Worryingly, statistics show that growth of English-language content on the web between 2001-2011 was pitiful compared to other languages.

English language content grew by just 281% compared to a 743% growth in Spanish, a 1,826% in Russian and a massive 2,501% growth in Arabic. Businesses can no longer share content exclusively in English if they hope to appeal to the largest market possible.

Our marketing translators will translate and localise your marketing content for you, to make your experience as stress-free as possible. To ensure you are kept up to date with every aspect of your project, you will be assigned a Project Manager to oversee your entire project from quote to completion. This ensures you will always have a point of contact who is fully knowledgeable about your project, to answer any questions you may have.