Medical and pharmaceutical translations are, arguably, those that more than any other fields need to be carried out by those with extensive subject knowledge in order to ensure an accurate translation, because they can have negative impacts on human health if they are not done properly. They are often crammed full of technical jargon and complex terminology that only those in the medical profession would understand.

This is why we only use highly qualified translators who are specialists in this field and with a minimum of 5 years’ translation experience. We also only translate into our mother tongue meaning that the text flows properly and context is maintained as it would be in their home country.

All documents are first translated and then proof-read to ensure accuracy and consistency within the phrasing of the document. Confidentiality is key to how we operate, all projects we work on, so you can be safe in the knowledge that when working with us your privacy is maintained.

We have 37 years’ experience of translating in the medical and pharmaceutical sectors and have translated a whole host of document types including medical negligence papers, hospital reports, clinical trial reports, IFUs for medical devices, quality control reports, journal articles, research papers, patents and test reports.

As well as document translation, we also supply interpreters for legal, hospital or doctor appointments. All of our interpreters are registered with governing bodies that require linguists to have the qualifications that meet the National Occupational Standards of interpreting and a minimum of 400 hours’ public service interpreting experience within the UK. Interpreters are also subject to a professional code of conduct of the National Register for Public Service Interpreting. Should the appointment require it, we are also able to provide interpreters who have CRB or DBS clearance.