Technical translations are incredibly important to those wanting to manufacture or sell their products or services overseas and the complex nature of these texts means that they need to be done by a professional language services provider who is a specialist in that subject area and understands all the subject specific terminology.

International Translations Limited specialise in Technical Translations and love the diverse range of industries and subject matters that these cover. For every project, we assign a linguist that is not only highly qualified in translation but who is also a specialist in that particular subject area to ensure that all of the industry-specific jargon and terminology is translated correctly and accurately.

We regularly carry out work for those in the following industries: Chemical, oil and gas, aerospace – particularly the translation of aircraft manuals and updates, engineering (previous translations include reports regarding wind farm projects off the northern coast of Germany, a project on a rail network in South America, a translation to do with the Channel Tunnel, translating texts for the automobile industry), the sciences (scientific research papers, QA procedures, journal articles) Information Technology, electronics and telecommunications.