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Interpreting plays an integral role in international business. Multinational communication boasts a host of opportunity for businesses from improved multicultural negotiation and international networking to supporting court hearings and police interviews. Real-time communication from one language to another has endless benefits and is a great tool for success in today’s international marketplace. International Translations Limited provides high quality interpreting services in all major modes: Simultaneous, Consecutive and Conference interpreting. Our global network of linguists translate into all major world languages both in-person and remotely.

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Our Interpreters

All of our interpreters are highly qualified linguists educated to postgraduate level. We require our interpreters to be members of the Institute of Translation and Interpreting as well as the Chartered Institute of Linguists. For public service interpreting, our interpreters will also be on the National Register for Public Service Interpreting and operate under the NRPSI code of conduct. Our interpreters are also registered with governing bodies that require linguists to have qualifications that meet the National Occupational Standards of Interpreting and possess a minimum of 400 hours’ public service interpreting within the UK. We can also provide interpreters with CRB or DBS clearance where required. We understand that requests for interpreting can sometimes be of a particularly sensitive nature, so our linguists are required to adhere to strict client confidentiality procedures.

Interpreter Appointment

Although we work best when given plenty of notice to arrange linguists for interpreting appointments, we appreciate that interpreting can often require a level of flexibility to accommodate tight deadlines. International Translations Limited will always endeavour to fulfil requests at short notice. Our project managers strive to find interpreters within your region in order to minimise any travel expenses but where this is not possible, we may require a linguist to travel from further afield. Alternatively, remote interpreting – both telephone and video – is a budget-friendly option that is equally effective.

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Types of Interpreting
Simultaneous Interpreting

Simultaneous Interpreting is the immediate translation of the spoken word in real-time. The interpreter will translate alongside the speaker meaning this mode of interpreting is often used in situations where the audience’s complete attention is required. Many languages can be translated at once using simultaneous interpreting.

Simultaneous interpreting is frequently used in live events such as music festivals or comedy performances.

Consecutive Interpreting

Consecutive interpreting is a type of oral translation where a person will speak in intervals, pausing after a few lines to allow an interpreter to translate into another language. This mode of interpreting can be performed both in-person and remotely via telephone or video call.

Consecutive interpreting is commonly used during business meetings, medical appointments and legal proceedings and can be on a regular or ad-hoc basis.

Conference Interpreting

Conference interpreting can include both simultaneous and consecutive interpreting depending on the requirements and audience size. Conference interpreting can be a great resource when looking to expand globally with your business. For large conference, simultaneous interpreting is the most commonly used but consecutive interpreting is useful for direct debates, meetings and discussions.

New Here?

If you’re new to translation or just curious about how it could help your business, get in touch for a chat with one of our experienced project managers. We offer translation in all major world languages but commit to sourcing qualified and professional linguists for even the rarest of languages. Regardless of language, industry or document, we speak your language.


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