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Transcription Services

Transcription is the process of transforming recorded audio into a text format. This can be standard transcription, or transcription from a source language into different target languages. In the case of multilingual transcription, it is vital to source a qualified provider who can assure the return of quality documents that are not only linguistically but culturally correct. International Translations Limited offer a high-quality multilingual transcription service with proofreading as standard.

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Could I Benefit From Transcription?

There are many benefits to using transcription services. For example, they can save time by eliminating the need to listen to recordings multiple times, improve accuracy by providing a written record of what was said, and increase accessibility by providing captions or transcripts for people who are deaf or hard of hearing.

The transcription of audio files such as speeches, interviews or legal proceedings will allow your company to distribute, share and store hard copies with ease. We would recommend our professional transcription service to all businesses that habitually use audio recordings, specifically those used for reference or evidence as is the case within the legal or journalism industry.

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Who Needs Transcription?

Journalism & Media

The very existence of the journalism industry rests upon competent communication. Journalists’ work is founded upon research and requires the right information to be obtained in the right place, at the right time. It is common practice for journalists to achieve this using audio and video recording devices to capture this information to revisit at a later date. Transcription of these files enables the audio to be processed and disseminated as text, making it more accessible to the journalist and audience alike.


Similarly to journalists, legal professionals are regularly required to obtain information quickly and accurately. Furthermore, those operating in the legal industry have no room for error and accuracy is paramount. Transcription offers solicitors, paralegals and other legal professionals the advantage of revisiting first-hand research with no effort to recall information from memory. It is a common practice within the industry from interviews, hearings and evidence, transcription into any language is a tool solicitors shouldn’t be without.

Video & Creative

Professionals in creative industries will be well acquainted with transcription services where they support scripting and subtitles in any video production. From Netflix and YouTube to Facebook Ads and LinkedIn Learning, audio and video footage can be enhanced simply back adding subtitles and for marketing purposes, transcription can benefit SEO and SEM work.


Lecturers, students, academics and even marketers all share a common goal: research. Teaching in today’s society has become digitalised and commonly accessible online. Institutions should promote inclusivity and  break down barrier to accessibility by offering lessons with subtitles and interpreters. Students and marketers also use qualitative methods like interviews to gather data and presentations to share findings, all of which can be enhanced from audio transcription services to gather, process, and present research findings.

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If you’re new to translation or just curious about how it could help your business, get in touch for a chat with one of our experienced project managers. We offer translation services in all major world languages but commit to sourcing qualified and professional linguists for even the rarest of languages. Regardless of language, industry, or project, we speak your language.

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