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International Translations Limited understands the importance of clear communication and the grave consequences of inaccuracy. With the array of specialist and technical documentation your business can require, finding a linguist to understand and competently translate industry specific terminology is crucial. We offer reliable, high quality translation services from specialist linguists with expertise in your industry and for the last 47 years, we have been renowned for our dedication to customer satisfaction. With our help comes great success for your business, because we will always speak your language.

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Translation is an umbrella term for wide range of language services. Generally speaking, it involves the transfer of text from one language to another and is incredibly versatile in the benefits it offers. Translation  comes in many formats, be digitally or traditionally created and even involve additional benefits like transcreation.

Document Translation

One of the most common translation is document translation. This involves the translation of any type of text, from contracts to journal articles, T&Cs to user manuals, and is commonplace in most industry. There is no limit to what documents can be translated, so if you think your documents could be utilised in a foreign market, get it touch.

Website & App Translation

Another popular type is website translation. If you operate globally, whether it be one country or one hundred countries, it is vital that you have your website translated. It goes without saying that the internet the most used tool by consumers when seeking new products or services, so catering to their most basic requirement of understanding is a no brainer, right?


Interpreting is an oral type of transformation and involves the live transfer of the spoken word. It is commonly used for conferences, live events and court hearings. There are two main types of interpreting: simultaneous and consecutive. Fort more information about which type of interpreting you may require, check out our interpreting page or get in touch.


Localisation is an extended form of translation, where the linguist adapts text to suit the intend audience. This can include adapting imagery, currency, colours, formatting, colloquialisms & regional dialects. It is a useful tool for website translation and helps business reach a wider audience by offering content that appeals to customers cultural and linguist demands.


Transcreation is a more creative mode of localisation. It includes the translation and adaption of regional formatting (see above), but also include rewriting content to better appeal to specific, often niche target markets. Take a travel guide for Greece: A blog originally intended for a British audience is being repurposed for a Middle Eastern market. The new blog can remain majorly the same, but it is likely to require transcreation to adapt recommendations as interests, cultures and beliefs differ between nations. 

Document Translation

Website Translation

Contract Translation

Research Translation

Certificate Translation

Business Card Translation

Promotional Translation

e-Learning Translation

App Translation

Social Media Translation

T&Cs Translation

Manual Translation

Medical Record Translation

Brochure Translation

Merger Translation

Patents & IP Translation

Report Translation

PR Translation

Policy Translation

Training Translation

Presentation & Speech Translation

Certified Translations

International Translations Limited offer professional legal translation with ATC Certification for use by the Home Office, passport offices and all official agencies. Notarisation, affidavit before a solicitor & company stamped certification are available on request.

Benefits of Translation

An Excellent Marketing Tool

Professional translation provides businesses with an incredibly useful promotional tool. Translating your website supports global reach and increases site traffic, boosting brand awareness and building a positive user experience. It allows content to be reused for international audiences and provides SEO opportunity where multilingual content can help businesses rank higher in search engine results, giving competitive advantage over rivals.

Build a Global Audience

Translating or localising content can help businesses build brand awareness and gain global visibility. Translating your content into languages spoken in your target markets increases your brand’s exposure to potential customers in international markets, who are much more inclined to read it when it is in their native language. Companies can sustain their competitive advantage within foreign markets simply by communicating with consumers in their own language. As previously mentioned, multilingual content provides further SEO, boosting marketing efforts when expanding.

Build Trust and Grow Revenue

It is commonly known that customers are much more likely to purchase when prompted by content in their native language. Companies demonstrate they value customers and care about their user experience when they offer content available in their native language. Think websites – consumers will feel instant satisfaction when arriving on a landing page offered in your preferred language. Subsequently, businesses stand to build consumer trust and encourage repeat custom.

Communication and Regulations

Regardless of your industry, every business will be required to provide legal and policy documentation. These documents likely include important information that must be clearly conveyed in every language. Linguists specialising in legal and insurance translation are experts in the associated jargon and guarantee you don’t encounter any unexpected repercussions. Furthermore, with the help of a specialist linguist, a localisation service would help ensure that differing legislature in every country is correctly conveyed.


New Here?

If you’re new to translation or just curious about how it could help your business, get in touch for a chat with one of our experienced project managers. We offer translation in all major world languages but commit to sourcing qualified and professional linguists for even the rarest of languages. Regardless of language, industry or document, we speak your language.


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