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Localisation is a mode of translation whereby content is translated to suit a specific audience of the target language. Localisation spans beyond translating text from one language to another, additionally editing the content to appeal to specific national and cultural demographics. International Translations Limited offer a personalised localisation service built specifically for you. We localise any content you wish to use for international audiences, from websites to user manuals, e-learning tutorials to blog posts, we have specialist linguists on hand to help.

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Lost In Translation

As useful as translation can be, it is not uncommon to find the sentiment of your content miscommunicated when used alone. Translation provides a highly accurate, word-for-word transfer of one language to another and is entirely effective in instances of objective content. Nevertheless, content intended for global distribution will always benefit from a localisation service to align with the culture, attitudes and traditions of such varied audiences.

Location, Location, Location

The content you distribute internationally will differ, not only by language spoken, but dialect and culture too. Believe it or not, this means the content you get translated for Spain is not guaranteed to be well received by their Peruvian, Costa Rican or Mexican friends across the pond.

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Check out these differences in European and Latin American Spanish dialect:

Where the language is the same, many words, phrases and colloquialisms differ by dialect.



Coche vs. Carro


Conducir vs Manejar



Tío/Tía = Uncle/Aunt meaning friend

Latin America

Güey/Cuate = Friend (Mexico)


Transcreation is a creative language service that incorporates copywriting and content production into translation. Transcreation is a form of localisation, whereby content is translated and optimised to suit each audience you wish to communicate with. Unlike localisation, much of the content is newly produced based around the source material. Transcreation requires a lot of skill as a combination of talents are required including creative writing, research and translation. As such, The Common Sense Advisory (CSA) reports that only 30% of language service providers offer transcreation as a service. This however, does not reflect the importance of transcreation for your business: just ask HSBC…

Case Study

“Do Nothing” $10 Million Marketing Campaign

In 2009, HSBC had to pay out $10 million to fix a marketing campaign that told their customers – financial advisors and stock brokers – to “Do Nothing” with their money. As you can imagine, this was a case of direct, word-for-word translation that left them red-faced and what they really wished to convey was their “Assume Nothing” slogan. We hate to say we told you so, but this costly error could have been avoided with the help of a transcreation expert and set you back far less than $10 million.


A Step-by-Step Process



Experts in transcreation should be native and knowledgeable in the target nation’s culture. This stage involves in-depth research and reporting on the culture, linguistics, beliefs of the target demographic.



This stage involves the planning of the new content, taking inspiration of the source text and adapting based on the research findings.



Like any translation project, the final stage of transcreation involves proofreading as well as testing the suitability of the new content on a segment from the intended audience. It’s better to be safe than sorry!

Do I Require Localisation Services?

The short answer: Most likely.

If you seek a global audience and have potential customers in international markets, your business will 100% benefit from a localisation service.

Why Is Localisation So Valuable?

Unlike translation alone, localisation can transform any text in order to appeal to a unique audience. Localisation goes beyond linguistic communication, adapting many cultural nuances – imagery, formatting, colour, currency, metaphors, cultural references and many other elements – for each unique audience. Localisation provides you with a clear and personalised strategy that demonstrates to your customer that your business cares about their user experience, whether that be via your website, user manual or promotional materials, giving you competitive advantage over industry rivals simply by tailoring content.

Case Study
Website Localisation

In an ever-digitalised society, the internet is the consumer’s gateway to your business. They seek information about services they require and make key decisions during their consumer journey whilst one companies’ websites.

Have you ever found yourself struggling to resonate with information on a website, thought “this isn’t for me” and left? Whether that be incorrect currency, awkward phrasing or clumsy metaphors, it demonstrates poorly translated (if at all) content and a lack of consideration for the reader. That’s why localisation is a key component of any successful webpage.

Website translation is an incredibly effective method for businesses to increase online performance. A study conducted by Aston University determined that companies are 30% more successful when offering their website and other customer communication in the language of their target audiences. Regardless of your industry, if your business operates globally or you have international clientele, we highly recommend your website undergoes some localisation!

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If you’re new to translation or just curious about how it about it how could help your business, get in touch for a chat with one of our experienced project managers. We offer translation services in all major world languages and are committed to sourcing qualified and professional linguists for even the rarest of languages. Regardless of language, industry, or project, we speak your language.

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