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Proofreading Services

Proofreading a is the final stage of the translation process. We recommend this service to ensure your message has been correctly conveyed and suitable for your intended audience. This will always recommend this service when your translated project is intended for external distribution to the public, with a secondary linguist will verify the technical terminology and confirm consistency throughout.

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We will often ask for reference materials including glossaries, previous translations or brand guidelines in order to keep the content of your text consistent. This is often referred to as translation memory and is kept on file for future translations. 

Translation Memory

Translation memory is a file that we will keep after producing your translation. This file contains words, sentences or phrases of text that are frequently repeated and likely to reappear in future documents. The information is stored as source words (original language) and target words (new language) and allows translators to use software that will recognise all familiar segments in new documents. Not only does encourage consistency within your translations, it allows us to offer you better rates for future projects. The translations we return will always be carried out by human linguists, this technology assists their productivity.

When Do I Need Proofreading Services?

We recommend proofreading services for translation projects completed with intention to publish or those with legal implications, e.g. websites, contracts, user guides & manuals, medical or pharmaceutical documentation etc. However, if you require document translation for the purpose of personal knowledge and understanding e.g. for internal or organisational use, proofreading isn’t always necessary. Nevertheless, in this industry mistakes can be costly so, if you require translation for a particularly valuable project, we recommend proofreading as an equally valuable investment.

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If you’re new to translation or just curious about how it could help your business, get in touch for a chat with one of our experienced project managers. We offer translation in all major world languages but commit to sourcing qualified and professional linguists for even the rarest of languages. Regardless of language, industry or document, we speak your language.


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